[alsa-devel] ASoC: EA3250 V2 machine driver

Bryan Kaminski dext0rb at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 17:06:24 CET 2013


I have an Embedded Artists LPC3250 V2 development board, which has the NXP
UDA1380 audio codec on-board. I'm wondering if someone could help me get
started on making an ASoC driver for it. There already exists a machine
driver for a similar Phytec 3250 development board, with the same audio
codec. I think it should be possible to modify the existing Phytec driver,
but I'm unable to accomplish that. I modified some source and everything
compiled, but I can't get the driver to load correctly. After loading the
module with 'modprobe', I'm unable to get ALSA to recognize any sound
cards. Can anyone give me a jump-start on this?

Sorry if this is the wrong list to post on. I would post at the LPCLinux
official site but it has been down for multiple weeks now. :|


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