[alsa-devel] [PATCH] Allow to switch hardware sampe rate on EMU

Mihail Zenkov mihail.zenkov at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 10:47:15 CET 2013

2013/2/25, Takashi Iwai <tiwai at suse.de>:
> At Fri, 22 Feb 2013 17:59:38 +0000,
> Mihail Zenkov wrote:
>> Commit 57e5c63007955838043e34c732d224b2cbbb128f "emu10k1: allow to
>> disable the SRC"
>> force hardware use only one rate (48000 hz), but EMU have support two
>> hardware
>> sampling rates (44100 and 48000 hz).
> The commit serves for its purpose: it restricts the sample rate only
> when user specifies to disable h/w resample.  Emu chip is driven in
> 48k rate and other rates are the result of resampling.

Yes you right, but only for Audigy + Emu chip. EMU 0404/1010/1616 have
two crystal oscillators on board. User can switch hardware sample rate
(in alsa - with alsamixer). My patch check if we have real EMU and
choose correct sample rate to restrict.

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