[alsa-devel] [PATCH 2/3] ASoC: add snd_soc_of_get_port_dai_name()

Kuninori Morimoto kuninori.morimoto.gx at renesas.com
Thu Feb 14 06:14:57 CET 2013

Hi Stephen

Thank you for your explain

> To that end, perhaps calling the function .of_xlate_dai_name might be
> more future-proof; if we ever needed to translate say a CODEC widget
> name, we could add a separate .of_xlate_widget_name function to do that
> later, with zero effect on the .of_xlate_dai_name function.
> > struct snd_soc_dai_driver {
> >        ...
> >        int (*of_xlate)(struct snd_soc_dai_driver    *driver,
> >                        const struct of_phandle_args *spec,  // driver specific spec
> >                        void                         *data); // for return data
> As I mentioned above, that last parameter should be "char **dai_name",
> and the function name probably of_xlate_dai_name.

OK, I understand.
I create v6 patch which has .of_xlate_dai_name

Best regards
Kuninori Morimoto

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