[alsa-devel] HD-audio generic parser merged to linux-next

Raymond Yau superquad.vortex2 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 13:16:10 CET 2013

>> 6 DAC channels for 5.1 surround
> It's an issue with the output path selection, and basically irrelevant
> with the HP independent output.
>> Can independent headphone enabled by default since this mean that lost of
>> surround 5.1 for those desktop with three audio jacks at rear panel ?
> Not really.  The independent HP feature is just an additional stuff
> that is enabled only when the configuration is available in the
> selected paths.  It doesn't influence on the path selection by
> itself.

The driver create "alt analog" device but does not create "Channel
mode" or Surround, Center Lfe playback volume controls for intel
motherboard with 3 audio jacks for those 6 channels hda codecs (e.g.
alc662, ad1882, ...)

hda-emu codecs/alc662-intel-d945gclf2

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