[alsa-devel] HD-audio generic parser merged to linux-next

Raymond Yau superquad.vortex2 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 15:20:15 CET 2013

> If you encounter any regression by the recent update, please let me
> know.

Refer to commit 657e1b931d42882cb0a59b599247bef696c22406

ALSA: hda - Select auto-parser as default for AD codecs

it seem that independent hp is enabled on AD1986A which does not support
indepedent headphone

Attach PCM dev 0, name AD1986A Analog, type audio, play #1, capture #1
send: NID=0x2, VERB=0xf00(get_parameters), PARM=0xa(PCM)
receive: 0x20060
send: NID=0x2, VERB=0xf00(get_parameters), PARM=0xb(stream)
receive: 0x5
Attach PCM dev 1, name AD1986A Digital, type SPDIF, play #1, capture #0
send: NID=0x1, VERB=0xf00(get_parameters), PARM=0xa(PCM)
receive: 0xe007f
send: NID=0x5, VERB=0xf00(get_parameters), PARM=0xb(stream)
receive: 0x0
send: NID=0x1, VERB=0xf00(get_parameters), PARM=0xb(stream)
receive: 0x1
Attach PCM dev 2, name AD1986A Alt Analog, type audio, play #1, capture #0
# Init and building controls...

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