[alsa-devel] [PATCH TINYCOMPRESS 14/14] cplay: support auto-configuration of fragment size and count

Richard Fitzgerald rf at opensource.wolfsonmicro.com
Mon Feb 11 11:10:36 CET 2013

>looks like patches you have generated against is
>older one.

This is the git log of our development repository:

cplay: support auto-configuration of fragment size and count <Richard Fitzgerald>
compress: Prevent divide-by-zero faults in get_hpointer() <Richard Fitzgerald>
compress: Do not put newlines on error messages <Charles Keepax>
compress: Return error messages correctly from compress_open <Charles Keepax>
compress: Return error when failing to allocate compress struct <Charles Keepax>
compress: Extend limit on error messages <Charles Keepax>
Add makefile for building under standard linux <Richard Fitzgerald>
Add missing header includes <Richard Fitzgerald>
Block if unable to write all data in single write() <Richard Fitzgerald>
Allow client to pass "don't care" for fragment size/number <Richard Fitzgerald>
Handle case of pause() during compress_write() <Richard Fitzgerald>
Remove hardcoded limit on length of poll() wait <Richard Fitzgerald>
Fix incorrect error message on compress_resume() <Richard Fitzgerald>
Take local copy of compr_config structure <Richard Fitzgerald>
Change running from bitfield to plain int <Richard Fitzgerald>
Remove unused buffer_size member from struct compress <Richard Fitzgerald>
Change compress_write() to take buffer as const void * <Richard Fitzgerald>
Add function to get timestamp in samples <Richard Fitzgerald>
compress: add compress_resume <Namarta Kohli>
compress: write when we have a fragment to write <Vinod Koul>
compress: fix the timestamp calculation <Vinod Koul>
initial creation <Vinod Koul>
Initial test commit... <Jaroslav Kysela>

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