[alsa-devel] HD audio problem

Russ Whitaker russ at ashlandhome.net
Fri Dec 20 08:48:19 CET 2013


Bought a new mini-itx mb: ECS KBN-I
On board sound chip: VT1705CF

Installed kernel linux-3.10.24
Otherwise distro is Slackware64 14.1

mplayer plays .mp3 files just fine.
No sound from video clips that use Adobe flashplayer,
and I get this error message:
   ALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:1022:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave

I think the problem is: card0 and card1 are interchanged as card0 is
listed as the HDMI video output.

How to fixit, please.

Thank you,
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