[alsa-devel] [RFC][PATCH 00/13] bebob: a new driver for BridgeCo BeBoB based device

Takashi Sakamoto o-takashi at sakamocchi.jp
Wed Dec 11 13:06:20 CET 2013

Hi Daniel,

I'm sorry to be late for reply but I was hard to prepare series of patch 
for Fireworks driver.

> I have uploaded some two logs. The first one is for the fa-66
> (fw-fa66.txt) and the second one is for the Audio5 (fw-a5.txt).
> There seems to be an issue with the Audio5, though I haven't
> looked into it yet (quite busy, sorry) For that device I
> even got a serial console to it) Maybe you see the problem
> already from the log.

In the log of Audio5, there were much lock transaction for 
iPCR[0]/oPCR[0]. This means that snd-bebob tried to establish connection 
several times to start transmitting/receiving streams.

I guess that the module-alsa-sink of PulseAudio retried 
snd_pcm_prepare() several times due to get err. When snd_pcm_prepare() 
failed, snd_bebob_stream_start_duplex() is failed inner snd-bebob. 
Establishing connections is done by make_both_connections() so we should 
notice the codes after this function.

There are four possibilities, two of them are related to start_stream() 
and the others are related to amdtp_stream_wait_callback(). But the 
former generates log output. So amdtp_stream_wait_callback() causes this 

This function return false when snd-bebob cannot receive AMDTP 
in-packets within 100 msec after establishing connection. Please see 
amdtp.c in detail. I programmed this to prevent snd-bebob from waiting 
forever to receive in-packets.

So I guess you can playback/capture with your device when you expand the 
time (200 msec or more). Or there are some bugs of snd-bebob to handle 
your device.

Would you test and get logs again after expand waiting time? Then please 
use aplay/arecord to test. I believe simple tools help our investigating.

And I hope you to give me an advice for my headache. As long as I 
investigated, snd-bebob can support 64 device and models (I count the 
devices to which the same expansion card can apply). But there are some 
devices which I can't identify its vendor_id/model_id.

[Identified devices and models]
* Edirol FA-66/FA-101
* BridgeCo RDAudio1/Audio5
* Mackie Onyx 820/1220/1620/1640 (Firewire I/O Card)
* Mackie d.2 (Firewire Option)
* Stanton FinalScratch 2 (ScratchAmp)
* Tascam  IF-FW DM
* Apogee Rosetta 200/400 (X-FireWire card)
* Apogee DA/AD/DD-16X (X-FireWire card)
* ESI Quotafire610
* AcousticReality eARMasterOne
* CME MatrixKFW
* Phonic HB 12/12 MkII/12 Universal
* Phonic HB 18/18 MkII/18 Universal
* Phonic HB 24/24 MkII/24 Universal
* Phonic FireFly 202/302
* Lynx Aurora 8/16 (LT-FW)
* ICON FireXon
* PrismSound Orpheus/ADA-8XR
* Yamaha GO44/GO46
* TerraTec PHASE 24 FW/PHASE X24 FW/PHASE 88 Rack FW
* Terratec EWS MIC2/EWS MIC4
* Terratec Aureon 7.1 Firewire
* Focusrite Saffire/Saffire LE/SaffirePro10 IO/SaffirePro26 IO
* M-Audio Firewire410/AudioPhile/Solo/Ozonic/NRV10
* M-Audio Firewire1814/ProjectMix IO/ProfireLightBridge

[Unidentified devices and models]
* PreSonus, Inspire 1394
* Mackie, Digital X Bus x.200
* Mackie, Digital X Bus x.400
* CME, UF400e
* Infrasonic, DewX
* Infrasonic, Windy6
* Rolf Spuler, Firewire Guitar

Do you have any idea to identify them?

Thank you

Takashi Sakamoto
o-takashi at sakamocchi.jp

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