[alsa-devel] How should SGTL5000 codec driver adapt to dummy regulator change?

Shawn Guo shawn.guo at linaro.org
Tue Dec 3 07:53:21 CET 2013


The sgtl5000_enable_regulators() function in SGTL5000 codec driver makes
the decision whether an external VDDD supply is available by checking
the return of regulator_bulk_get() call.  It used to work because dummy
regulator did not play in there, and if regulator_bulk_get() fails, most
likely it's only because there is no external VDDD supply.  But with
commit 4ddfebd (regulator: core: Provide a dummy regulator with full
constraints) merged, the regulator_bulk_get() will always succeed.  It
breaks the driver's assumption.  What's your suggestion to the problem?


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