[alsa-devel] where to get snd_pcm_hardware info when usb audio device plug in?

loody miloody at gmail.com
Thu Aug 29 05:53:23 CEST 2013

hi clements:

2013/8/28 Clemens Ladisch <clemens at ladisch.de>:
> loody wrote:
>> is it possible to get snd_pcm_hardware information in /proc, /sys or
>> anywhere when usb audio device plug in?
>> if no, is there api I can take in usermode to get snd_pcm_hardware of
>> this usb audio device?
> Something like this?
> http://download.atmark-techno.com/misc/demos/usb-audio-a500-howto/hw_params.c
I download the file and
1. cross-compile it with alsa-lib-1.0.23

but I get below message
# ./hw_params
no soundcards found...no soundcards found...

but in my /proc/asound/cards, there seems a card exist.

# cat /proc/asound/cards
0 [default        ]: USB-Audio - Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000
                      Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000  at usb-1, full speed

Did I miss anything need to pay attention?

thanks for your kind help,

> Regards,
> Clemens


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