[alsa-devel] Buffer size for ALSA USB PCM audio

Alan Stern stern at rowland.harvard.edu
Tue Aug 27 18:50:21 CEST 2013

On Tue, 27 Aug 2013, Clemens Ladisch wrote:

> There is no reasoning about capture endpoints.
> The driver cannot control how many samples actually end up in a capture
> packet, so it is possible that URBs end up being one USB frame longer
> than a period, in which case the ALSA period interrupts will accumulate
> delays of up to one period, or that URBs end up being one USB frame
> shorter than a period, in which case the ALSA period interrupt will be
> delayed to the end of the _next_ URB.
> The current algorithm uses very short capture URBs to ensure that _some_
> URB is completed as soon as possible after a period ends.
> Your patch makes things worse for running jackd at lower latencies
> because playback and capture period interrupts are expected to be more
> or less synchronous (jackd waits for both interrupts before acting on
> one period).  With only two periods per buffer and the capture period
> interrupt randomly delayed by up to one period, the time available for
> processing one period is reduced to zero.
> I'd suggest to keep the old calculation for capture URBs.  It would
> make sense to use longer capture URBs only if the period size is
> relatively large.

Okay.  What about playback endpoints with implicit sync?  The current 
driver treats them the same as capture endpoints.  Is that really the 
right thing to do?

> Note: for capturing, the number of URBs has no effect on latency and
> just reduces the risk of overruns, so it is desirable to make the queue
> as long as possible (for a given URB length).

Sure.  It looks like the only limit that will matter here is MAX_URBS.

> > Not having heard any responses to the patch posted last Wednesday,
> Sorry, my #patches / free_time quotient is rather large.

Me too.  And don't forget bug reports.  :-)

Alan Stern

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