[alsa-devel] Audio Miniconference 2013 - Edinburgh 21st October

Mark Brown broonie at kernel.org
Tue Aug 13 19:09:33 CEST 2013

As in previous years we're planning to have an audio mini-summit to
bring everyone together to discuss the current state of audio in Linux,
try to resolve outstanding design issues and do some hacking.  This year
we will be meeting in Edinburgh on 21st October as part of the Linux
Foundation conferences being held that week.

What topics would people like to discuss?  There are a number of ongoing
issues like DSP integration and related topics such as compressed audio
and I know that there are some issues which have come up while people
have been working on deploying UCM especially with PulseAudio
integration.  What other areas are of interest to people?

To help with planning could you please fill out the form at:


if you're planning to attend, ideally by 21st September.  Since the
facilities are being provided by the Linux Foundation attendees will
need to be registered for at least one of the other conferences that
week, if that's an issue please let us know.  

There's a space for topics of interest on the form but please also bring
things up on the list so other people can get a feel for what's going on
and ideally so we can resolve them all via e-mail!
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