[alsa-devel] OMAP4 McBSP AC97 link

Daniel Mack zonque at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 11:10:08 CEST 2012

On 27.09.2012 10:58, Sebastian wrote:
> Daniel Mack <zonque <at> gmail.com> writes:
>> On 27.09.2012 09:44, Sebastian wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> i have to support a 2nd Audio Codec with AC97 Interface on McBSP Port2.
>>> Processor: OMAP4460
>>> If any one have any idea on how to go about this. 
>>> Please let me know.
>> If you need to support a second codec on a dedicated bus, all you have
>> to do is set up a new snd_soc_dai_link. Read the documentation in
>> Documentation/sound/alsa/soc/ and see many of the good example in the
>> mainline kernel tree.
>> If your goal is to support a second codec in parallel to another one,
>> dynamix PCM (DPCM) is what you want to have a look at. It's there in the
>> kernel since 3.5, but AFAIK there's currently no user of it that can
>> serve as an example.
>> HTH,
>> Daniel
> Hi Daniel,
> my Board has 1x TWL6040(PDM/I2C) and 1x WM9715(AC97/MCBSP) so to independent
> interfaces. I would like to use both Codecs simultaneously. So it might be
> sufficient to create a new new snd_soc_dai_link?

If the codecs are wired that way, you should have two dai links. The
topology that you build with ASoC whould match the layout of the hardware.

If you then want to use them simultaneously, you have to do that from
userspace, feeding the stream to both PCM interfaces. But that's of
course only possible if the Codec clocks are synced.


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