[alsa-devel] [PATCH 16/34] ASoC: imx-ssi: remove unneeded mach/hardware.h inclusion

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Mon Sep 17 16:30:35 CEST 2012

On Monday 17 September 2012, Mark Brown wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 01:34:45PM +0800, Shawn Guo wrote:
> >  #include <linux/platform_data/asoc-imx-ssi.h>
> > -#include <mach/hardware.h>
> This doesn't apply - there's no platform data header for imx-ssi at the
> minute (and I don't see a patch in this series related to that in the
> series).  I checked -next and there doesn't seem to be anything via a
> non-ASoC tree either.

It's in my testing/platform-data series, and will be in linux-next in
a few days.


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