[alsa-devel] Fix for Asus G75 notebook subwoofer

Massimo Del Fedele max at veneto.com
Wed Oct 31 17:49:39 CET 2012

This code fixes surround path of asus G75; i'll drop here as a function to be called
before codec initialization (I did it in static int patch_vt2002P() ) because I don't
know how to detect the notebook and apply it only when needed (I'm new to alsa code).

/* Fixes for Asus G75 subwoofer
    pin 24 is marked as speaker by bios -- should mark as line
    pin 33 has a wrong connection to out-of-range nid #3e
  static int fix_asus_g75_subwoofer(struct hda_codec *codec)
	/* right connection to pin widget #33 */
	hda_nid_t conn[8] = {0x1c};
	unsigned int conf;
	/* Fix connection of pin widget #33 on VT1802p
	 * reported connection (33-1e) refers to non-existent widget #1e which in turn
	 * reports a connection to #1c; we skip nonexistent 1e widget landing directly
	 * on 1c one
  	snd_hda_override_conn_list(codec, 0x33, 1, conn);

	// pin 24 should be marked as line out pin (not speaker as in bios)
	// and as AC_JACK_PORT_COMPLEX connection to avoid to be taken by autoparser as a speaker
	conf = snd_hda_codec_get_pincfg(codec, 0x24);
	conf = conf & ~AC_DEFCFG_DEVICE;
	snd_hda_codec_set_pincfg(codec, 0x24, conf);
	// pin 33 should be marked as line out pin (not speaker as in bios)
	// and as AC_JACK_PORT_COMPLEX, not AC_JACK_PORT_NONE as in bios
	conf = snd_hda_codec_get_pincfg(codec, 0x33);
	conf = conf & ~AC_DEFCFG_DEVICE;
	snd_hda_codec_set_pincfg(codec, 0x33, conf);

	return 0;

I guess that the fix on NID #33 should be applied anyways on VT1802p, because by now it connects to a non-existing widget
(well, it does exist but is not documented and out of NID range; it should be a stereo-to-mono mixer).
BTW, also NID #34, which has 2 connections, has one of them to non-existing nid above; in my case it does no harm :

	Input from widgets :  14 3e       <-- widget 3e is out of range, but connects to 1c widget
	Connection type : JACK
	Device          : LINE OUT
	Does NOT support unsolicited response
	Out amp  present
	In amp NOT present



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