[alsa-devel] dynamic PCM and dynamic DSP graphs

Sebastien LEDUC sebastien.leduc at st.com
Fri Oct 19 11:39:22 CEST 2012

Hi Mark / Liam,
We have started to use Dynamic PCM to manage our on-SoC DSP.
In our case, the API exposed by the DSP is graph oriented, and allows to dynamically create and control the running graph on the DSP.

What we are doing is that we use DAPM widgets and routes to manage  the DSP graph dynamically:
We use some dedicated widgets that have power callbacks. 
When a  widget is powered on/off, the callback will use the DSP API to create/destroy the corresponding parts of the DSP graph.

We wanted to get your feedback on this approach, so as to be sure it won't be an issue when we want to mainline our driver.
We can of course share more details if needed, or even some preliminary version of the driver.

Thanks in advance for your feedback



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