[alsa-devel] ESI drivers

Neil Mcbennett neil at mcbennett.net
Thu Oct 18 21:02:13 CEST 2012

I am not a developer and probably shouldn't even be here, but I do
have a question that is probably best answered from this forum.
I've been looking at the ESI website and I notice that there is some
ALSA support for a few of their cards...


The interface I'm most interested in isn't on this list (MaXiO 032e)

I decided to call the technical support number in the UK and ask them
what their position is regarding Linux. The guy I spoke to said that
ESI are not going to provide an ALSA driver for these devices but they
would be more than happy if someone from the ALSA community were to
approach them. They would then assist in providing the necessary

So, just wondering if anyone has already started on this or if there
might be some interest in doing so? I was attracted to ESI by the fact
that they have a number of PCIe interfaces which are still quite
something of a rarity.



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