[alsa-devel] EMU-1212m "no Audiodock - no firmware" patch

oeai oeai at ya.ru
Sun Nov 25 21:09:30 CET 2012

Oh, it's nice really!!
Did i understand you correctly - that the ca_cardbus - is the pcmcia bus 
So i need just to turn it off and that will solve the problem of waking 
up from suspend?
nor should i put it in the end of the init process (so that sequence 
would be loaded before it)?

just didn't understand what do you mean @new card@ because it is 
actually stopped being supported and now they do the pcie and usb cards 


On 25.11.2012 23:05, James Courtier-Dutton wrote:
> Can I help at all?
> I don't have much time spare, but I do have datasheets for some EMU cards.
> The PCMCIA/Cardbus versions need a special startup sequence before you
> can write or read any other registers.
> Failing to follow the startup sequence causes a PCI fault on the bus
> when you write to other registers on the card.
> I have not read the code recently, but I think that is what
> "ca_cardbus_chip = 1".
> For any new cards, you can try removing it, and if you get a PCI fault
> or hang on start up, put it back in.


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