[alsa-devel] How to structure CPU DAI

jonsmirl at gmail.com jonsmirl at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 23:04:15 CET 2012

The LPC3130 has two independent I2S channels but it is not two copies
of the same hardware block. Instead it is a single hardware block
implementing the two channels. Some setup registers contain setup bits
for both channels.

So I have one CPU DAI with two independent CODECs hung off from it.

So in a function like hw_params() for the CPU DAI, how do I know which
I2S channel I'm supposed to be using? At the point where I created the
soc_card I know the right channel. But I can't use the card pointer in
the CPU DAI, since there are two cards and only on CPU DAI. The card
pointer points to the last one registered. Can I put the info into the

Or should I register two CPU DAIs from a single I2S device driver and
give then two different names?

A device tree like this describes the hardware..

i2s at 16000000 {
    #address-cells = <2>;
    #size-cells = <0>;
    compatible = "nxp,lpc31xx-i2s";
    reg = <0x16000000 0x1000>;
    i2s0:i2s at 0 {
       interrupts = <13 15>;
       reg = <0x80 0x180>;
        /*receive-slave;*/ /* default is master */
    i2s1:i2s at 1 {
       interrupts = <14 16>;
       reg = <0x100 0x200>;
        /*receive-slave;*/ /* default is master */

sound at 1 {
    compatible = "ea,ea3131-uda1380";
    audio-codec = <&uda1380-0>;
    i2s-controller = <&i2s0>;

sound at 2 {
    compatible = "ea,ea3131-uda1380";
    audio-codec = <&uda1380-1>;
    i2s-controller = <&i2s1>;

Jon Smirl
jonsmirl at gmail.com

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