[alsa-devel] CM6206, S/PDIF + JACK

Dan MacDonald allcoms at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 12:41:18 CET 2012

Hi ALSA devs!

I've got a Startech USB device based on the CM6206 chipset. It does work
with JACK although I can only access the two mic inputs as JACK capture
ports even though under alsamixer I can also see line in and SPDIF In. I
bought it in the hope of using its SPDIF input under JACK.

SPDIF is enabled under alsamixer and even when I start JACK with a signal
coming in to SPDIF, I still get no SPDIF capture port.I have posted various
ALSA logs and more details here:


I've already spoke to las about this but he couldn't help me, no knowing
anything about these devices.

Might I be able to get this working under JACK? Maybe I need a special ALSA
config to enable SPDIF?



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