[alsa-devel] snd_pcm_wait function

Enno Fennema ennofennema at tele2.nl
Mon Nov 12 08:23:42 CET 2012

Thanks for your reply. I may not have expressed myself clearly. I appear 
to have the opposite problem from Daniel Sanz re Non-blocking 
snd_pcm_drain (also posted 10 Nov). He wants the new sound to start 
immediately. I want to close the pcm AFTER the sound finished.

The docs say calling drain() puts the pcm in the DRAINING state. When I 
obtain the state immediately after drain() it is already SETUP.
I hoped a state change from DRAINING to SETUP  would be the right time 
to close the pcm but there appears to be no such state change.

Currently I solved my problem by a usleep() based on an estimate of the 
time needed to finish playing the last samples in the buffer.

If there is a more elegant way I would like to know. Otherwise I will 
stick with usleep(),


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