[alsa-devel] spdif input, source synchronous?

Rafal Powierski powierski at mediascore.de
Thu Nov 8 10:10:41 CET 2012

Hi Developers,

Does anyone know how the SPDIF input is working on HDA?
Is it using a source-synchronous data transfer over HDA?
In my arrangement (ALC886) I can set up any rate and I am receiving a rectangular “resampling”.
– is this a bug?
will this stay? so I can use higher ratio and some kind of software PLL to recover input rate?

How can I read presence and rate of the signal?
Verb – Get Digital Converter Control 1,2 is good thing to have, but I need “carrier-detect” and maybe rate to feed back to Alsa on setup.

I hope someone knows this – even if maybe spdif input is not very popular.


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