[alsa-devel] commit: dpcm: Allow FE to be opened without valid BE routes

anish kumar anish198519851985 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 18:03:14 CET 2012

Commit 3ac3f5ca91afc03587b1d2d642f126efc5be37ca
ASoC: dpcm: Allow FE to be opened without valid BE routes.

        if (dpcm_path_get(fe, stream, &list) <= 0) {
-               dev_warn(fe->dev, "asoc: %s no valid %s route\n",
+               dev_dbg(fe->dev, "asoc: %s no valid %s route\n",
                        fe->dai_link->name, stream ? "capture" :
-                       mutex_unlock(&fe->card->mutex);
-                       return -EINVAL;

As I can see this commit has changed the log level from dev_warn to
dev_dbg but this has caused a subtle problem.Right now we rely on this
warning to find out issues related to "application not sending UCM
commands causing mute issues".Sometimes we have seen that the device
becomes mute due to application not sending UCM command properly and
these issues are hard to reproduce(all we get is dump).So all we have is
this log to find out if the FE(front-end) and BE(back-end) has at-lease
matched or not and most of the time it doesn't and we find out that
using this very log.

With this gone it would be difficult to find out the problem.I don't see
any harm in reverting it back to dev_warn as it will warn us that "still
we have not received UCM command for turning on Back-end" and in case we
receive it then this log hardly matters and just gives us information
that "at that time it was not a valid route".

If everyone agrees then I would be more than happy to send a patch.

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