[alsa-devel] Follow Up: "Why my linux OS has only 8 sound cards ? How can I modify it ?"

Maciej Paszta maciej.paszta at mobile.put.edu.pl
Tue May 8 14:52:30 CEST 2012


This issue has already been brought up by Chris Shen on Nov 8 2011. 
Quick reminder: I have  10 sound cards which need to have oss emulation 
enabled. However, I only see 8 devices (dsp-dsp7). Takashi suggested a 
patch to workaround this problem:
I've applied it to kernel 3.0.0 and the only result I get is message 
appearing in kernel logs: "unable to register OSS PCM device 8:0". I've 
done some debugging and the registration fails on these lines 
register1 = register_sound_special_device(f_ops, minor, carddev);
if (register1 != minor)
     snd_printk(KERN_ERR "OSS: 4, register1: %i, minor %i\n", register1, 
     goto __end;
the debug lines seem to be constant about the value of "register1" == 
-2. I would really appreciate any help with this problem and I will be 
glad to test any patches, that may solve the issue.

Maciej Paszta
Mobile Systems Research Labs, Poznan University of Technology

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