[alsa-devel] [PATCH] ASoC: da7210: Add support for spi regmap

Ashish Chavan ashish.chavan at kpitcummins.com
Wed Mar 21 18:05:53 CET 2012

> > Actually I don't have enough details about the problem that you
> > mentioned with this. I am waiting for inputs from some body else. Can
> ...and didn't bother asking any questions so it's unlikely anyone will
> say anything...

No, actually it's not like that. You mentioned that the sequence should
be changed, which will fix an issue that the driver has with suspend and
resume. I asked other users of this driver about the issue and waiting
for their feedback. I just wanted to have clear picture about the issue
before I commit any change there. Just to make sure that only changing
of sequence is enough or some thing extra need to be done.

> > you please elaborate the problem if you have details? so that I can
> > correct it.
> What is unclear in the previous feedback?  You should be converting this
> to use a regmap patch...

OK, thanks!

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