[alsa-devel] [PATCH v3 09/11] ASoC: fsl: remove the fatal error checking on codec-handle

Shawn Guo shawn.guo at linaro.org
Fri Mar 16 03:52:21 CET 2012

On Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 02:07:42AM +0000, Tabi Timur-B04825 wrote:
> Shawn Guo wrote:
> > This could probably change to check whether property codec-handle is
> > present under SSI node to decide if it runs with "old binding" or
> > "new binding".
> I guess that's how we need to do it.  The SSI driver should not be looking 
> for /sound node, but that's the most reliable way to know if we have a new 
> or old binding.
> >> This prohibits me from using the new binding on any future PowerPC parts,
> >> because it clearly says "iMX" on everything.
> >
> > I think we can change it later when the future PowerPC parts come to
> > use the new binding.  In any case, I do not see this is an issue that
> > should block the whole series.
> At least get rid of any unnecessary references to "imx".
So something like this?

         * If codec-handle property is missing from SSI node, we assume
         * that the machine driver uses new binding which does not require
         * SSI driver to trigger machine driver's probe.
        if (!of_get_property(np, "codec-handle", NULL)) {
                if (ssi_private->ssi_on_imx) {
                        ssi_private->imx_pcm_pdev =
                                                                -1, NULL, 0);
                        if (IS_ERR(ssi_private->imx_pcm_pdev)) {
                                ret = PTR_ERR(ssi_private->imx_pcm_pdev);
                                goto error_dev;
                /* success for new binding case */
                return 0;

It does not reduce any reference to "imx" actually.  If you think it's
worth another iteration of the series, I will post v5 for it.


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