[alsa-devel] Triple implementation of WM8766 and quadruple WM8776!

Pavel Hofman pavel.hofman at ivitera.com
Tue Mar 13 10:53:09 CET 2012

Dne 13.3.2012 10:46, Clemens Ladisch napsal(a):
> Ondrej Zary wrote:
>> I'm trying do implement support for Philips PSC724 Ultimate Edge card, which
>> is based on VT1722 + WM8776 + WM8766 chips. Found that the best file to base
>> my work on is sound/pci/ice1712/se.c (as SE-200PCI card contains both WM8776
>> and WM8766 chips).
>> While doing this, found that there are three implementations of WM8766 codec
>> control, two of them in the same driver(!):
>> sound/pci/ice1712/se.c
>> sound/pci/ice1712/prodigy_hifi.c
>> sound/pci/oxygen/xonar_wm87x6.c (+sound/pci/oxygen/wm8766.h)
>> And WM8776 status is even worse, there are four implementations, again two
>> being in the same driver:
>> sound/pci/ice1712/se.c
>> sound/pci/ice1712/maya44.c
>> sound/pci/oxygen/xonar_wm87x6.c (+sound/pci/oxygen/wm8776.h)
>> sound/soc/codecs/wm8776.c (this one being official and stand-alone module but
>> it does not seem to be usable as a part of sound card driver)
> I'd suggest to move the common parts of the three ice1712 drivers into
> separate files.  You could make the interface of those files similar to
> ASoC codec drivers to make later porting easier.

How about a solution similar to AKM codecs in i2c/other? Several ice1724
cards make use of those modules, easy to support and re-use. IMO cleaner
approach than duplicating ICE1724 to the ASoC framework.


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