[alsa-devel] ASOC - Codecs : Renaming of spdif_tranceiver.c

Nitin PAI nitinmpai at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 17:53:59 CET 2012

>>Well, just write a CODEC driver that matches what you've got down on
>>your boards.  Usually the driver does need to enforce some kind of
>>limits (on input format and sample rate normally) even for a simple
>>device with no software control otherwise the device can get driven
>>out of spec.
The CODEC is part of the system integration process. From SOC standpoint
the machine driver is what needs to be delivered.
I dont know finally what the final codec will be, its upto the integrator
to write.  May be he can pick the ones from the asoc:codecs list.

I dont like the dependency of the machine driver with the codec driver for
enumeration. Machine driver can self exist without having for the codec
driver. [USB, PCi, HDMI, S/PDIF]  However the vice-versa is not true and is
of no use.  Binding them together will make the usecases easy (power for
instance, user interaction), but should not have been a hardlimit.  Given
the thought process, ALSA should allow dummy_codec drivers which it does
(from spdif_tranceiver.c),  but why not make it completely generic? (remove
the s/pdif keywords).

Thanks for your ideas about the hdmi driver, will check how is that
handling this dependency on codec driver.


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