[alsa-devel] Audiotrak Maya U5 mixer

Lollul lollul at wp.pl
Mon Jul 23 17:14:26 CEST 2012

I'm using an Audiotrak Maya U5 USB card. As far as I can tell it is 
based on VIA EnvyUSB VT1728A chip. Running on fresh 3.5-rc7 or an old (on openwrt) kernel I have similar problems with the mixer:
The controls PCM and PCM 1 are stuck on lowest level. It can play mp3s 
fine so I guess PCM is initialized somehow on proper levels but I would 
expect there should be a way to control PCM volume (other than by 
controlling Speaker volume).
I'm unable to achieve a 'loop' between SPDIF input and the Speakers. It 
works fine with Line-In. But with SPDIF input I have to either use 
"arecord | aplay" or alsaloop. Since Windows7 is able to turn on 
'Listen' mode on SPDIF input on standard drivers I hope hardware can do 
it but somehow there is no control for this in alsamixer.

alsa-info output available at: http://pastebin.ca/2173999 (this is with 
with laptop's hda modules removed)
(Latest Audiotrak firmware was installed)

Many Thanks,

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