[alsa-devel] Can ASoC support SPDIF AC3 passthrough playback (non linear PCM) ?

Sangsu Park sangsu at gmail.com
Sat Jul 21 17:39:50 CEST 2012

We're developing a platform where we have SPDIF output.
And we want to SPDIF AC3 playback (non linear PCM).
Our CPU is a kind of ARM architecture one and it has a SPDIF that can
support AC3 passthrough playback.

I've already know that ALSA can support SPDIF AC3 passthrough playback
like follows,
But, I can't find that any ARM architecture CPU can be supportable for
SPDIF AC3 passthrough playback.

Are there anyone who have a SPDIF AC3 passthrough playback?
or anyone who know the clue about SPDIF AC3 passthrought playback
supportable on ASoC?

Our SPDIF already can support on linear PCM playback.
But we have no experience in SPDIF AC3 passthrough playback.
Just changing register setup from linear PCM playback to non-linear
PCM playback is enough?
Or any reference code on ASoC for SPDIF passthrough playback?

Any hint would be greatly appreciated.

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