[alsa-devel] static build on two machine

Mohsen Pahlevanzadeh mohsen at pahlevanzadeh.org
Wed Jul 4 14:06:59 CEST 2012

Dear all,

My co-worker built alsa-lib-1.0.25 and now, i should work on this
project, So i get it and compile and compile with the following
        libtoolize --force --copy --automake
        automake --foreign --copy --add-missing
	./configure --enable-shared=no --enable-static=yes
--prefix=/usr/i686 ;make install
Now, When i compile my own software, i get two warning however my
co-worker doesn't get them:
/usr/i686/lib/libasound.a(pcm_dmix.o):-1: In function
pcm_dmix.c:-1: warning: Warning: snd_pcm_hwsync() is deprecated,
consider to use snd_pcm_avail()
When i run  my program my program that my co-worker wrote, crashed, But
when he run it, it's crashed.
How can i solve this problem?

--Best regards
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