[alsa-devel] Why does snd_seq_drain_output() need lots of time to execute?

Rafał Cieślak rafalcieslak256 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 14:28:42 CET 2012

> If you manage to fill a 500-event buffer, could that mean that
> you are sending events a long time ahead of their due time ?

No, I'm not buffering a whole song, events are send at most a second
or two ahead (for each bar). The reason why there may be so many of
them, is that I emulate smooth movement of control parameters (just as
if one was slowly moving a slider/knob on an external MIDI
controller), which requires lots of events, and the problem starts
when I try to do the same for many different controllers/channels

Also, it turned out that actually snd_seq_set_client_pool_output()
does work, unless I try to set it to anything greater then 2000. Is
this a hard-coded limit, or can I somehow increase it even more?

Rafał Cieślak

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