[alsa-devel] Questions on the ALSA user lib interfaces.

naveen440 at comcast.net naveen440 at comcast.net
Tue Jan 10 23:03:30 CET 2012


I am new to ALSA interfaces and i wanted to understand some of the interfaces clearly to make sure that i write the application correctly. 

Can someone provide with some information on the usage of the following interfaces? What is the usage model for using them. 

1. Config interfaces (snd_config_top() and the rest of them). Are they to be used to configure the ALSA userlib? Some example code or pseudo code on this topic would be useful. 
2. Higher level control interfaces (snd_hctl_ and the rest of them). Again some example code explaining the usage would be useful. 
3. Setup controls (snd_sctl and the rest of them). Again some usage scenario's on this context would be useful to know. 

Thanks in advance. 

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