[alsa-devel] [PATCH] ASoC: introduce SOC_SINGLE_S8_TLV macro

Patrick Lai plai at codeaurora.org
Mon Jan 9 06:52:17 CET 2012

> | #define SOC_DOUBLE_S8_TLV(xname, xreg, xmin, xmax, tlv_array) \
> Since no shifts are specified the signature is just the same as your

Yes, it could have been made more generic with shift parameter.
Existing behavior is writing same value to most and least significant
bytes of 16-bit wide register.

>> +#define SOC_SINGLE_S8_TLV(xname, xreg, xmin, xmax, tlv_array) \
> so it looks like what really ought to happen here is that the existing
> macro gets renamed to the new macro and a new macro gets defined for
> double values if one is needed.

Is there backward compatibility concern? I see soc/codec/uda1380.c
already using SOC_DOUBLE_S8_TLV.


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