[alsa-devel] [PATCH][RFC] intel-hda: proper support for Asus N55SF/N75SF laptops with external subwoofer

Andrew necromant at necromant.ath.cx
Thu Jan 5 16:14:57 CET 2012

Hello all, 
The following patch adds full support for Asus Laptops N55SF/N75SF
(Possibly more models) with external subwoofer.
It adds a new model (asus-nx5) and proper PCIID detection. 
Example asoundrc for upmixing and dmix is attached as well. (Thanks to
K900 from AgiliaLinux dev. conference for it as well as testing on N55SF)
Currently everything is supported except Subwoofer pin autosensing. It is
somehow implemented in
windows drivers, but I couldn't get it neither via codec's gpio or regular
0x16 unsol event. 
In 2ch mode the subwoofer is off, so should save a little bit of battery. 
I couldn't test automic feature and spdif, because I don't have the
hardware around. 
Since alc662_quirks.c looks a little bit overbloated, I moved my quirks to
a separate file. If that's not OK, I'll resubmit the patch. (This is my
first patch to alsa-devel, so I might be missing something)

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pcm.dmixed {
        type asym
        playback.pcm {
                type dmix
                ipc_key 5678293
                ipc_perm 0660
                ipc_gid audio
                slave {
                        channels 6
                        pcm {
                                format S16_LE
                                rate 48000
                                type hw
                                card 0
                                device 0
                                subdevice 0
                        period_size 1024
                        buffer_size 8192
                bindings {
                        0 0
                        1 1
                        2 2
                        3 3
                        4 4
                        5 5
pcm.upmix21 {
    type route
    slave.pcm dmixed
    ttable.0.0 1
    ttable.1.1 1
    ttable.0.5 0.5
    ttable.1.5 0.5
    ttable.5.5 1
pcm.!default upmix21

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