[alsa-devel] eeprom params for ice1724 module - recommendation?

Pavel Hofman pavel.hofman at ivitera.com
Wed Jan 4 21:37:46 CET 2012


I have a generic ice1724 card ooAoo SQ210a (e.g.
http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/851912/all ). The card has identical PCI
identification with Chaintec AV710, no DAC controls (the DAC is
hardwired in pin-control mode with no GPIOs attached), no identification
string in eeprom and of course incorrect eeprom values.

Since the PCI ids overlap with the Chaintec, I cannot define correct
eeprom_data for this specific card in the driver. Furthermore I would
not be surprised if the other ooAoo cards with different setups shared
the same PCI ids.

I can skip the Chaintec config by specifying an unknown model in
snd-ice1724 param, e.g.

modprobe snd-ice1724 model=aooa

I would like to be able to specify correct eeprom values for the model
too. That would be simple by adding several new module params -
eeep2-sysconf, eeep2-aclink, eeep2-spdif etc.

However, I have another ice1724 card properly supported by the driver
(Infrasonic Quartet). I can use

modprobe snd-ice1724 model=quartet,aooa

and everything works correctly. But if I wanted to define eeep2-xxx
params for the aooa, I would have to define the same params for the
quartet too which I find superfluous since they are already correctly in
the driver.

Or I could use a string type instead of int and use something like


Or I could "encode" the eeep2 params into the model name, such as

modprobe snd-ice1724 model="quartet,aooa(eeep2-sysconf=47;eeep2-spdif=20)"

Please which version would you recommend (i.e. accept as a patch)?

Thank you for your expert advice.

Best regards,


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