[alsa-devel] TWL4030 low-latency

Jacinto Alvarez fidorul at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 19:35:17 CET 2012

Ujfalusi, Peter <peter.ujfalusi <at> ti.com> writes:

> >> McBSP2 has 1280 word long buffer.
> > Wow, that is a long buffer! There is no way to reduce the buffer size?
> I have some ideas, but it is a long shot.
> Basically by design it is not possible, but I might can get around of it by
> misusing/configuring the McBSP, and sDMA.
> I try to hack something up for kernel 3.3.

Hi Peter, is there like a set of steps/hints/source that you could share for 
developers to experiment around these 'hacks' to the McBSP/sDMA? Is it a matter 
of recompiling a particular kernel module or lib?.

I have verified Edgar's statements; I am not using Jack, just straight ALSA pcm 
commands and I cannot get the stream to run at anything less than a 23 ms: 128 
frames x 8 periods. I can use longer size w/less periods but ALSA will always 
throw an error if I try a combined lower latency.

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated!

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