[alsa-devel] [intel-hda] ALC663 question.

Andrew necromant at necromant.ath.cx
Sun Jan 1 18:30:38 CET 2012

I'm trying to get things working correctly for ASUS N75SF laptop and it
looks like I'm somewhat stuck.
The laptop has an ALC663 codec, 2 front speakers and an external
The 'auto' settings on 3.1.6 kernel provided me no meens of enabling the
subwoofer, the automute switch didn't work either. 
I threw on a patch with a quirk, that fixed most of the things except one:
Whatever I do, I get lfe to output front-right channel. 
I followed alc663_asus_21jd_clfe example, but still that only gives me a
volume control of that mixer. 
I'm not very familiar with alsa/hda codebase, so I might be missing some
Does the code have to register a pcm for each dac? If so, the problem is
in alc_build_pcms, since it looks like it only uses 
dac_nids[0]. Setting spec->multiout.max_channels in init code does not

my current n75sf_setup code is as follows: 

--- cut --- 
	struct alc_spec *spec = codec->spec;
	spec->autocfg.hp_pins[0] = 0x21;
	spec->autocfg.speaker_pins[0] = 0x14;
	spec->autocfg.speaker_pins[1] = 0x16;
	spec->automute = 1;
	spec->automute_mode = ALC_AUTOMUTE_PIN;
	spec->ext_mic_pin = 0x18;
	spec->int_mic_pin = 0x19;
	spec->auto_mic = 1;

--- cut ---

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