[alsa-devel] [PATCH 4/6] ASoC: fsl: create fsl_utils to accommodate the common functions

Tabi Timur-B04825 B04825 at freescale.com
Tue Feb 28 03:15:14 CET 2012

Shawn Guo wrote:

> Since fsl_utils.c is created to accommodate the common functions used
> by mpc8610_hpcd.c and p1022_ds.c, I guess you actually meant something
> like the following?
> # MPC8610 HPCD Machine Support
> snd-soc-mpc8610-hpcd-objs := mpc8610_hpcd.o fsl_utils.o
> obj-$(CONFIG_SND_SOC_MPC8610_HPCD) += snd-soc-mpc8610-hpcd.o
> # P1022 DS Machine Support
> snd-soc-p1022-ds-objs := p1022_ds.o fsl_utils.o
> obj-$(CONFIG_SND_SOC_P1022_DS) += snd-soc-p1022-ds.o

Yes. :-)

> I actually started with doing so, but later changed to make fsl_utils
> as a module.  It seems that mpc8610_hpcd and p1022_ds will not be
> built in a single kernel image, but on ARM/IMX, it's very likely that
> multiple machine drivers will be built in a single image, as the ARM
> community is moving to support single image for multiple SoCs.  In
> that case, fsl_utils can not be linked like that but has to be a module.

Ah yes, good point.

Timur Tabi
Linux kernel developer at Freescale

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