[alsa-devel] snd_dice: category ID

Rolf Anderegg rolf.anderegg at weiss.ch
Mon Feb 13 18:46:36 CET 2012

Hi Clemens,

I'd like to request the following patch to be applied on the
firewire-kernel-streaming branch (current commit head
It involves handling Weiss DICE devices which use a dedicated category ID (other
than TCAT's default Cat ID (0x04), which is not necessarily binding).
Citing (one of many) TC's user guide:

The manufacturer is free to use the lower 5 bytes of the WWUID in any way. The
DICE firmware, by default, uses the chip ID as follows:

Upper 32 bits of WWUID
| 24 bit OUI – 0x000166  | Cat    |
Category 8 bits: TCAT uses 0x04 for this field.

Lower 32 bits of WWUID
| 10 bit product identifier  | 22 bit serial# |

Presumably, few of the other vendors have changed TCATs default Cat. ID. We have
decided to change it to 0x00 since the beginning of our DICE product-line, alas
this should be considered in snd-dice's dice_interface_check.
Thanks in advance.

Rolf Anderegg

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