[alsa-devel] concept of substream...

Vinod Koul vinod.koul at linux.intel.com
Wed Feb 8 10:26:02 CET 2012

On Wed, 2012-02-08 at 10:16 +0100, Clemens Ladisch wrote:
> Vinod Koul wrote:
> > I was trying to understand the concept of substream. So can we have a
> > device which can have support say 5 substreams and these are controlled
> > (start/stop) independent of each other.
> Yes.
> > At any instance we can have any number of substreams active and runtime
> > we should be able to activate/deactivate a particular substream.
> If by "active" you mean opened or running, yes.
> Please note that when opening a device without specifying a substream
> number, ALSA will open the first free one.  This implies that all
> substreams should go the same output (i.e., be mixed together).
Mixed in alsa or should be mixed by device?


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