[alsa-devel] [PATCH] Add default config for tegra-alc5632 (as found on paz00)

Leon Romanovsky leon at leon.nu
Tue Feb 7 07:57:59 CET 2012

On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 07:52, Stephen Warren <swarren at nvidia.com> wrote:
> On 02/06/2012 12:51 PM, Paul Fertser wrote:
>> This makes paz00 (aka Toshiba ac100, a popular arm-based netbook) use
>> dmix/dsnoop by default since it doesn't support hw mixing.
> This patch appears to match on card name being "tegra-alc5632", but the
> device tree code that just got checked in will name the card "Compal
> PAZ00" I believe. (and I believe this driver only supports DT not board
> files) Am I missing something?
Stephen, Mark,
I want to raise our old question: "How do we need to call this card ?
Do we need to call it tegra-alc5632, as was in pre-DT era ? Or do we
need to call it "Compal PAZ00" as we introduced in DT patches ?".

The both names are applicable because "Compal PAZ00" is the name of
notebook (hardware board) and tegra-alc5632 is the name of chips were

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