[alsa-devel] Support request for codec WM8731 porting

Cyril GERMAINE c.germaine at elno.fr
Tue Dec 4 14:54:51 CET 2012

Thank you Daniel for your reply.

I found out what was the problem.

I was trying to use the WM8731 in I2S mode (porting from another board), 
but davinci CPU doesn't support true I2S. Switching to DSP mode resolved 
my problems.


On 30/11/2012 18:17, Daniel Mack wrote:
> On 30.11.2012 17:41, Cyril GERMAINE wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I work on a board based from DM365EVM baseboard, but with the WM8731
>> codec instead of the TLV320AIC3x.
>> I tried with several linux kernels (one is the 3.6.6 release). Now the
>> playback works but not the capture, and I'm not able to debug this
>> issue. I have many "0" frames in the captured data, although data and
>> rate on I2S bus is OK.
> Do you see the audio gaps in I2S as well? This is the first thing to
> investigate on, because if they aren't, your problem is unrelated to the
> Codec.
> What are the differences between your board and the DM365EVM regarding
> the SoC and the clocks ratios? Does the DM365EVM work with 3.6.6? How do
> your board support files and ASoC machine driver differ?
> Too many open questions here that need to be addressed.
> Daniel
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