[alsa-devel] REGRESSION: Webcam mic for 145f:015b not longer working with 1.0.24 and above (OK with 1.0.23)

Kostas hunter18 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 17:54:22 CEST 2012

On 27/08/2012 02:44 μμ, Daniel Mack wrote:
> On 27.08.2012 12:33, Kostas wrote:
>> On 27/08/2012 12:26 μμ, Daniel Mack wrote:
>>> On 27.08.2012 11:00, Kostas wrote:
>>>> Hi All,
>>>> I have a 'Trust Webcam' (USB ID: 145f:015b) that comes with a microphone.
>>>> The microphone works with Alsa 1.0.23 but it does not work with the
>>>> latest Alsa 1.0.25 neither with Alsa 1.0.24.
>>>> Apparently this is a regression.
>>>> What shall I do to figure out the source of the problem?
>>>> Here are attached my alsa-infos, with Alsa 1.0.23 (working), 1.0.24 (NOT
>>>> working) and 1.0.25 (NOT working).
>>> Can you provide dmesg protocols for both a working and a non-working
>>> case please?
>> Below are attached the dmesg files.
> Thanks - the logs look both good, I guess the interesting messages are
> only generated once you try to start the stream. Can you try this?
How i do that?
I tried to make a test call in skype and also recording a video in 
cheese but no changes in dmesg.
Is there another way to start the stream?

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