[alsa-devel] adding an external dsp under soc-dsp framework

ziv haziz ziv.haziz at dspg.com
Mon Aug 6 14:53:40 CEST 2012

i plan on adding an external dsp which has slimbus interface under soc-dsp 
currently i would like to make the following type of connection:
CPU->DSP->Codec and as the dsp is an external one
(physically seperated from both the CPU and the Codec)
i have a difficulty defining how to represent it:
do i need to make two entities of the dsp:
- one for the BE connection and one for the FE connection 
and add some internal routing using mixer controls? this will 
create two devices in the user space which the user application should open? 
- or is there a way to make one device which is composed of all three blocks?

last small question: as slimbus ports id should be passed how do you suggest a 
device should share his slimbus port id?

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