[alsa-devel] wm9713 problem

jarek jarek at poczta.srv.pl
Mon Apr 23 14:44:40 CEST 2012

	I've problem with ARM board with WM9713 codec. I have very simple test
application, which reads samples with snd_pcm_readi and then writes them
with snd_pcm_writei.
I've tested this on few PC-s and it works fine. However on FirendlyARM
tiny6410 it hangs after few seconds on call to snd_pcm_readi.
What is more funny If I'm writing samples with 0 (silence), reading
works fine. It hangs only if I'm writing non-silence.
If I break program with Ctrl+C, I can see in dmesg:

s3c64xx_dma_stop: channel still active.

and audio driver is not working any more. I need to restart board to
make it working.

What it can be ? Where to look for problem ?
The kernel is 2.6.38 PREEMPT

best regards

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