[alsa-devel] No sound on Quanta KN1 with kernel 3.4

Uros Vampl mobile.leecher at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 19:56:09 CEST 2012

On 16.04.12 16:07, Takashi Iwai wrote:
> Could you try the patch below?
> Also, which output is missing?  Is it a speaker output or a line-out
> jack?  Basically it's a bug of BIOS that doesn't give the proper
> association number for the corresponding pin 0x0f.  The patch is just
> to make less restrictive.
> But, if it's a laptop, the corresponding pin is likely a speaker
> output, so it'd be better to fix the pin-default value itself via
> pinfix table.

It's a laptop. There's no sound, not from internal speakers, not from 
headphone out. There is a mild crackling sound when the module is 
loaded, but that's it. The patch does not change things.


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