[alsa-devel] Fast Track Ultra mixer - opinions anyone?

Felix Homann linuxaudio at showlabor.de
Mon Apr 16 12:38:18 CEST 2012


over the weekend I tried to prepare a
"set-everything-to-zero-by-default" mixer patch. And failed...
I could get the controls to be defaulted to zero by quirking the
volume range, but then there would not have been any sound at all,
even after adjusting the levels.

So without diving any deeper in this I decided to put some work in the
mixer controls. You can find a patch to play with attached to this
mail. I've left a couple of commented quirks in mixer.c so you can
see, where simple changes can be made.

But working on this patch raised a couple of questions I would like
hear your opinions on:

** Effects **

Essentially, with the attached patch you can control everything but
the effect program. The switch should not be too hard to implement.
But before I put any more work on it I would like to ask wether it
makes sense at all.

IMO, the effect section on the FTUs really sucks. I can't believe that
anybody can really use it in a reasonable way. So should we really add
another 40 controls to the mixer which can cause a lot of pain when
misadjusted (i.e. anything else but 0)?

For those reasons I would prefer not to put effect support in the
kernel. What do you think?

** dB values **

Currently alsamixer does not report any dB changes when you change a
control value. I  don't know how to fix it. Anyone else?

** Naming scheme again **

Once again, is everyone pleased with the current naming scheme?

Looking forward for your suggestions.


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