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Thu Sep 1 17:20:09 CEST 2011

nids 0x02 0x03
Either of these can serve stereo to front or headphone plug via mixers
nid 0x4 dac is the for lfe, only the second channel is wired. 
pin 0x16 (lfe) can only get stream from 0x4, which gets identical data as
dac 0x2

This is the point I do not know where to look for the bug. 

So far, my patch adds: 
* Proper automuting toggle switch (subwoofer now gets disabled as well,
when headphones are plugged). 
* Volume control for LFE channel (the stream is still identical to front
* Channel mode switcher (2ch, front only, 3ch - front + subwoofer enabled)
* (Mostly) working Headphone pin mode selection enum.
Things I still want to fix before sending in the patch:
* 5ch mode with headphone out configured as line-out for the rear
(Needs some things filled out and some testing as well)
* Toggle 2ch/3ch mode on subwoofer insertion (Still needs some
investigation and testing)
* Auto-mic and external mic need testing. 


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