[alsa-devel] "modprobe snd_hda_intel" crashes on my hardware

Abdelghani Ouchabane abdelghani at ezono.com
Wed Sep 28 09:10:43 CEST 2011

> Anyway, you could just override the pin configs with a HDA patch file.
> Ensure that your kernel is compiled with CONFIG_SND_HDA_PATCH_LOADER;
> then create a file /lib/firmware/forgotten-ezono-hda-settings with the
> following contents:
> [codec]
> 0x11061708 0xffffffff 2
> [pincfg]
> 0x1c 0x0000f000
> 0x1d 0x00a0f040
> 0x1f 0x0100f010
> 0x20 0x0020f000
> 0x22 0x0000f002
> 0x23 0x0000f004
> Then load the snd-hda-intel driver with the parameter
> "patch=forgotten-ezono-hda-settings", either by adding that
> parameter to the modprobe command line, or by putting the line
>   options snd-hda-intel patch=forgotten-ezono-hda-settings
> into a .conf file in /etc/modprobe.d/.
Hi Clemens ,

I tested your solution and here is the result:

1 - Keep my changes in sound/pci/hda/patch_via.c + your solution ----> 
The kernel did not crash + alsamixer showed the full interface, but the 
there was no sound, after rebooting the system, I had sound.

2 - Only your solution ----> The kernel crashed ( always ).

Maybe I am still missing some more settings in 

What do you think Clemens?

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